Sunday, December 5, 2010


After first seeing these on The First Grade Parade, I had to bring this program to Eucalyptus. I took the idea to PTA and asked for them for help purchasing the tags so the WHOLE SCHOOL could be involved and they loved them just as much as I did. With the help of Miss Hastings and Mrs. Janson, we were able to personalize each tag and order them in time for the Fall Trimester Awards Assembly. Here's how the Brag Tags work...

1. Every student gets a chain and a Eucalyptus Koala tag.
2. Students who receive awards for Honor Roll, Principal's List, Effort, and/or Perfect Attendance will also receive a tag. Parents can also help students earn Brag Tags by attending workshops throughout the year. 
3. Our Brag Tags will stay in the classroom, proudly displayed on the wall, for the entire year.
4. We will wear our Brag Tags to assemblies.
5. Finally, at the end of the year, students will take their Brag Tags home as a way of remembering all of their accomplishments for the year.

So, Christmas came a little early for Ms. Male this year and we received the Brag Tags on Friday... I dare you to tell me these aren't the cutest things ever. 


  1. I have been looking for these brag tags. I love them! Can you please tell me where you got them? Thanks!

  2. --- you are going to love them!

  3. whoa- my principal would *LOVE* these! thx!

  4. You can purchase the brag tags from Boost Promotions. I have been involved in the printing industry for many years, and have been able to use my contacts and save my daughters’ school a significant amount of money on their laminated tag costs. With school budgets being so tight, I wanted to offer other schools the opportunity to take advantage of the savings as well. The costs are over 50% off any other companies making them now! The designs are great and you can even custom make any tag at no extra cost. Contact me for more info and special discount info.


  5. Thank you Ms Male, Miss Hastings and Mrs Janson! is EXTREMELY proud to have you as a VALUED customer. We love hearing about your successful BragTag™ programs and the little and BIG ways you go above and beyond for your students. The students at Eucalyptus are lucky to have such caring teachers and staff. Keep up the good work! is a family owned business for over 18 years. Check out the glowing customers reviews:
    Made in the USA, produced and shipped the DAY after you order! It's that easy, it really is. - the original BragTag™

  6. Hi, Has anyone ordered from the boost promotions- is it an actual seller of these items. The website is not totally functional. Thanks!

  7. Lynne, I had the issue. I was trying to get pricing from this Boost Promotions but the phone number they have listed goes to voicemail every time and no one returns my phone call. Then when I tried emailing the customer service address listed on their website not only did it take them almost 3 days to reply back but when they did I got the run around.

    I ended up using ImageStuff and was 100% satisfied! From the moment I requested a quote their staff made sure I was well taken care of. They were friendly and they even took the time to make sure all my questions were answered and that I was comfortable with the template/design I choose. Not to mention the children in my class loved them! To this day (I order the Brag Tags last year) I still see them with them on their key chains or lanyards.

    I know that this Boost Promotion might say their prices are a couple cents cheaper but I personally would much rather get the children something that I KNOW is going to last and not have the additional stress of having to worry about if this Boost Promotions really is a fly by night company. ImageStuff was quick and accommodating and I'm actually going to be placing another order for this year!

    Hope this helps!